Pool to Pond

If your family isn't frolicking in your backyard pool any more and you are tired of the cost and work of maintaining it, you should think about converting your pool into an attractive water feature.

I offer a complete pool-to-pond conversion service. My standard package includes:

  • Project design
  • A range of installation options
  • A broad variety of attractive water plants

 You may like to add more features to this basic package such as fence enhancement,plant placement, a cabana and other things. We can discuss these options at the design stage and I can give you a fully-costed quotation.

For further information, check these sites.

Permaculture Australia's how-to on pool conversion.
Geoff shows his pool conversion and shares his delight in his new pond.

I'm sure you'll find other information about converting pools to ponds. There are lots of options and I can help you make it a reality.