Earthship Workshops

Building with Recycled materials = Labour.

Human energy is at the core of Earthship building and volunteering time and effort in a Workshop is an excellent way to learn the basic skills and techniques Michael Reynolds has developed for us, (the people of Planet Earth) over 40 years of Trial and yes, error.

I spent a week working on an Earthship in Ironbank in the Adelaide hills in January 2014 among 30 odd others with the same interest and the experience was just as rewarding for the sense of community involvement as it was for the lessons learned on the build.

Having participated in other Earthship builds in Guatemala, New mexico and Tasmania plus six weeks at the Earthship academy I am keen to share my knowledge with others.

My Earthship project in Tasmania

Natural and recycled building Workshops are also a great place to open to new idea's and connect with people who are searching for the same alternatives to outdated construction methods and the energy (fossil fuels)  they consume and the wastes they produce.

Having participated in three Earthship building workshops and ultimately organizing my own I would recommend anyone with an interest to jump in and get your hands dirty! it may be a life changing experience!

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