Saturday, October 14, 2017

Composting toilet services

I'ts something we use every day but it is rarely talked about and often overlooked... can you guess what it is?

The Toilet.

Here at Dirty Deeds co. we will talk about toilets all day if given the chance because we love toilets!

Here is a step by step introduction to the water-less compost toilet system we build and install for festivals, camping area's, building sites and bush blocks.

Wheelie bin systems are a great "no handling" system: when the bin is full you simply unplug it, close the lid and wheel it away, Out of sight , out of mind.

if you have two bins they can be alternating: while one is composting it's contents the other is being slowly filled.

drilling a hole as close to the bottom of the bin and installing a threaded back nut  allows you to attach a tap and hose for the liquids to drain.

Straw is added before use and a short bit of ag pipe is fixed inside to stop the tap and hose becoming blocked.

When the bin is full it is simply wheeled outside and closed and a new bin installed, after a year the bin is emptied where soil is needed. (only about a third of the contents are left in the bin after the thermophilic process has taken place.)

I like the wheelie bin compost toilet because there is no direct dealings with the feces and urine.
The tap and hose fitting
A trench filled with gravel is dug directly next to where the bin will sit

The hose from the bin is connected to the trench for liquids to drain.
solids sit in the bin and liquids drain into a leech field through a tap and garden hose at the bottom of the bin.

this is a great spot for the toilet because the rock supports the floor leaving space for the bin underneath.

After every "deposit" a high carbon material is added such as sawdust, charcoal/ash or shredded paper or a combination of these.

The carbon helps the feces to break down and also helps with any smells.

After building the floor bearers a simple ply box is made and installed with a toilet seat attached.

simple ply box with seat sitting directly above the bin.

windows go in for a loo with a view!

walls, roof, door...

This picture shows how the building is the perfect height for the bin

99.9% repurposed project with only the screws and nails bought.

Remember next time you flush the toilet, that's six liters of drinking water

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