Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Junk mail

The Oxford English Dictionary has this to say about junk mail:


mass nouninformal 
  • Unwanted or unsolicited advertising or promotional material received through the post or sent as email.
    ‘she tossed the junk mail in the bin’
    ‘my inbox is full of junk mail’
  • Does anybody want it? Did anybody even ask for it??
  • If you think about it: The trees are cut down and get taken to the pulp mill which turns them into pulp before sending the pulp to a paper factory which goes on to make paper with it, then the paper goes to the printers who have been given the typeset which has been worked out by graphic designers and the advertising is finally printed before being distributed to various companies who delegate distribution... THEN the final unwanted product is pushed upon the general public who, upon receipt, promptly throw it IN THE BIN.
  • WHY?
The Oxford Dictionary doesn't mention anything about having the stuff thrown on your front lawn.
I am sick of the senseless waste and have sent the following complaint to

I am disgusted by the recent trend of throwing junk mail from a van onto my lawn.
I have a no junk mail sign on my letterbox but it seems I will have to make a big sign for the lawn as well.
Is it legal to be doing this? I just throw it all straight in the recycling bin and assume most people do the same, what a complete waste of time, money and tree's.
Some of the material  is from: fantastic furniture, woolworths and others.
Another trick is to put a mass of material rolled up inside the local paper, these include: sydney jazz collective, first choice liquor, domayne, coles north kellyville, specsavers, coles again, the "good" guys, discount drug stores and last but not least Aldi.
What a waste! What can be done?
Thank you in advance

I will be documenting my progress on this matter and will update this post as I receive information...

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