Friday, July 14, 2017

It's freezing! How's my heating system?

There are three types of heat transfer, lets look at all of them and find the most energy efficient.

* Radiation

Our sun is a good example of radiant heat, other sources of radiant heat could be from air conditioning type heaters and portable heaters such as electric or gas.

Radiant heat is the least effective type of heating.

* Convection

Convection occurs when a liquid or gas is heated, it is the transfer of heat by the physical movement of the heated medium itself.

An electric/gas heater with a fan is a good example, Convection heats the air and is slightly more efficient than heat radiation.

* Conduction

Conduction is when there is physical contact between the heated medium and the object that we wish to heat, conductive heat is the most efficient of the three forms of heat transfer.

rocket mass heater with the chimney incorporated as a cob bench for direct contact and thus conduction. 

A Rocket mass heater is an excellent example of energy efficient heating.
So bodily contact with the heat source is by far the best method and it can be as simple as putting an electric blanket on the sofa or as elaborate as building a rocket mass heater.

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