Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Eco play equipment project

Recently I was asked to build some playground equipment for the Lorien Novalis Steiner school in Dural.

I was given a rough sketch of what they had in mind  and as usual they were happy to give me free reign to design something close to the sketch.

I started with a steel structure and added on bits and pieces as the project evolved in my mind.

Not wanting to use any treated timber, I used steel for the main structure and later cladded the exposed steel with re purposed hardwood fence palings.
Hardwood fence palings used to clad the steel

Tree branch handrail

I wanted to include natural timbers and used materials so I designed and built a handrail out of tree branches attached to a chain bridge I had incorporated.

Other materials included marine ply offcuts, (and purchased full sheets), left over building materials from the high school building project from a few years before and some bluegum slabs I found under a classroom.

I tried to make the play equipment challenging but safe and I made a rock climbing wall on one side with a blackboard on the other side.

The project is almost finished, there is a slide to add and a sand pit to build and I will update this post when it is complete

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