Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tyre harvesting

Whilst harvesting tyres for my upcoming workshop I thought I would share some answers to questions I have often fielded about the procurement of used tyres.

Question #1
Where do you get the tyres?

The tyres come from tyre shops and servo's, sometimes peoples back yards!

Question #2
Do you have to pay for them?

The tyres are free and the tyre places actually have to pay anywhere from $1 to $5 for disposal of each tyre so they are generally more than happy to part with them!
Who knows, one day maybe they will be a marketable building material and there will be a price tag.

Question #3
Do you get them delivered, how do you get them?

I pick the tyres up from my suppliers rather than getting them dropped off, one major advantage with picking them up is that I can be choosy about the specific sizes I require for a particular stage of the project and I don't end up with dozens of sizes I can't use and subsequently have to dispose of.

That's it for my tips on tyre gathering... happy harvesting!

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