Monday, June 12, 2017

Re-tyrement update

Having just come back from Tasmania incorporating a meeting with the local Council building inspector and some continuing earthworks and bits and bobs I thought I would publish a bit of an update on the situation.

Looking like something from the apocalypse, the first stages of the building back in 2014.

partial floor and walls cob pack out and my swag, this trip I slept in the bedroom for the first time!

As the above picture shows, the sun in winter reaches half way up the back walls of the earthship making the living spaces warm and bright.

bottles make up the gaps in the inner greenhouse recycled window wall.
The cob will be rendered over with a light grey grout.

This trip was only for five days so I didn't do any big jobs but I managed to get some interesting little side jobs done, such as this repurposed suitcase laundry chute I installed in the bedroom which backs onto the bathroom/laundry:

I hinged the bottom so that by closing the suitcase on the bedroom side, the suitcase swings into the bathroom for easy removal of washing to go straight into the machine which will be situated behind the panel on the left (made from pallet wood). < the panel was made of pallet wood... not the washing machine.

This trip I hired Mark the excavator wizard once again and he performed the final burial cleaning up the back of the earthship and locking in the warmth.

Lastly, I installed the recycled coolroom panel floor on the Clivus Multrum compost toilet topped with some macracarpa timber ready for attaching the frame.

The meeting with the Council building inspector went well and I also managed to get a plumber who was willing to hook up the plumbing to the greywater leach field system, (council requirement).
Until now I have found it frustratingly difficult to get a plumber to commit to anything on the project.
The fruit tree's I planted last August got a pruning too!

Much more to come!

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