Saturday, June 3, 2017

Know your building materials #2 Tyres

Know your Building Materials


All tyres havs a combination of numbers and letters on their sidewall, for instance: 
215/65 R 15

Let's look at these cryptic digits and see how we can decipher them and use 
them to help us Repurpose the discarded tyre and bring it back into use as a 

*The first number (215) represents the tyres tread width and this is measured in 

*The second number (65) is the aspect ratio or: a percentage of the width, this 
being the sidewall of our tyre, in other words: 65% of the tyre width which is 

*The letter R means radial but we can ignore this letter because it does not affect 
our selection criteria when using the tyre as a brick.

*The third (in this case 15) and last number we need to consider when choosing 
our tyres is the wheel diameter the tyre is made to fit (basically the hole in the 
middle) and this is measured in inches.

So we have three measurements and three different units of measurement, one 
in millimeters, one a percentage and one in inches.

How can we simplify the process of recognizing the tyres we need to mine and 
only harvesting the ones we can most effectivley use as bricks?

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