Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Earthships off the grid

Imagine a dwelling that heats and cools itself...
a building made with things like used car tyres and aluminium cans...
a home which grows your food...
a place to live completely independent of outside services such as water, electricity and sewerage...

The Earthship, invented by Michael Reynolds is all of these things and more!

The sheer volume of used tyres that end up in land fill every year is mind boggling, just think, every car on the road has five tryes including the spare! how often does your car need new tryes?

Tyres make up the walls of an Earthship and when they are filled with dirt and the dirt is compacted, they make incredibly strong load bearing walls and have unique thermal properties.

The dirt is rammed into the trye using a sledge hammer making the construction a time and labour intensive process requiring volunteers who share a common interest in Earthships and natural building methods.

If you want to know more about earthships here is a link:

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