Monday, May 29, 2017

A low tech approach to housing

Mike Reynolds coined the term "low tech" in an effort to simplify as much as possible the undertaking of owner building.

Standardized housing is beyond the skill set of most people and we are forced to hire trade professionals to complete the varied tasks that go into building a house.

Although things like solar and anything beyond basic carpentry may be delegated to the professionals, the majority of the design and labour that goes into an Earthship can and is done very well with little or no experience in any trade.

This low tech approach puts the power back in the hands of the person who is building, after all the person who builds will also be living in the finished home and this creates a connection which is lost when the home is being built by third parties with money being the motivation.

The skills to build the future are within our grasp.. all we need to do is reach for them.

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