Sunday, April 2, 2017

Chicken coop enclosure build

Having chickens for meat, eggs and fertilizer is a must if you are into gardening and self sufficiency, but...

 they need to be kept safe from marauding foxes!

The beginning of the framework for the enclosure using star pickets and treated pine

This customer already had a small shed for the chickens so my job was to build a fox proof enclosure around it.
I used simple, readily available and durable materials to build the enclosure.

Once my framework was in place I set to work leveling everything.

attaching blocking to get the right levels for the framework.

Once I was satisfied everything was relatively level I attached my treated pine timber framing to the star pickets using 100mm bugle head screws.

ready for the chicken wire to be attached.

Once the frame was complete I rolled on the chicken wire and fastened it using cable ties and fencing clips, also running the chicken wire down to the ground and out from the bottom about 400mm so that foxes couldn't dig under it.

After making a nice gate for access to those protein rich eggs and finishing off the installation of the chicken wire, my job was done.

Lucky for me my young apprentice was there to help and I took a picture of him standing next to the biggest sunflower I have ever seen. (apparently chicken poo is the secret to it's gargantuan size!)

my 10 year old son next to a monster sunflower!

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