Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Installing a thin film Solar array with nickel iron Batteries

Free power from the Sun! My Tasmania project is completely 100% off grid 

MPPT (charge controller, inverter and circuit breakers all in one

Thin film panels, less effective in full sun but perform better on cloudy days than poly or mono panels
Solar is increasingly becoming a reality for more households as the technology improves and the price comes down.

Grid feed systems were a viable option when the feed in tariff was high but is it the best choice now?

More and more people are looking at batteries as a way to use their stored solar power at night because of rising electricity prices and grid blackouts.

For my Earthship project in Tasmania I opted for a battery bank because I didn't want to be dependent on the grid.

left: my 24 volt system batteries, nickel iron, the most durable and long lasting batteries money can buy

I put the batteries in an insulated box on the roof with the panels so that lees cabling was needed and any hydrogen off gassing wouldn't go into the building.

insulated battery box made from upcycled coolroom panels with a solar extractor fan and vents to keep the batteries cool.

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