Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Post building permit Earthship systems and finishes

After greasing the wheels of my local council in Tasmania I managed to get a building permit for my 80% completed Earthship.

With the help of some friends in January 2017 I hooked up solar power to the ship and made a lot of cob for the floors and wall pack out and completed the framing to take the double glazed glass on the face of the building.

MPPT installed in the Earthship

Solar array and nickel iron batteries installed on the roof

Another job on the to-do list was the hooking up of the wood stove which I did by installing the pipe through the roof, I have not hooked up the hot water tank to the wetback in the stove yet so it's still not operational but it is one step closer.

stove pipe installed on the woodstove

Another project I have been working on is this solar oven, built using an old chest freezer rescued from the verge with a double glazed window similarly rescued from a skip bin out the back of Bunnings, it can boil water and roast potatoes and beetroot and works really well even without a reflector!

re purposed chest freezer turned solar oven

Whilst in Tasmania working on the Earthship I also took a job with the composting toilet mob at The Falls festival and discovered that all the bottles and cans I could use were there for the taking after the big cleanup at the end of the festival.

Thousands of discarded bottles and cans can be found at music festivals, a valuable resource for recycling/re purposing enthusiasts! 
Installing my Clivus Multrum composting toilet was also on my list of priorities, one of my friends rang me from a tipshop and said "hey they have a composting toilet here, you interested?" Of course I said YES and this $3000 plus unit cost me $55.00.

Of course I was going to use car tyres to retain the dirt around my compost toilet.

I had an excavator to dig my leach field for my council approved grey water disposal system and asked the operator on the off chance he might be up for the challenge to dig the indoor greywater planter while there was still access through the framing before the glazing installation.
He was up for the challange and did an expert job too.

Left abit... right abit... up, down... careful!

My good mate Brad then used the freshly dug trench to chop the straw for the dozens of batches of cob we were about to make.

using a wipper snipper to finely chop the straw for our cob mixes, if you don't  have a bath tub... dig a hole!

leveling the sub floor

laying 70mm rigid insulation on the leveled subfloor

A trip to the beach offered an opportunity to remove a sizable chunk of driftwood to be used in the construction somewhere
first collect it, then figure out how to incorporate it

Nashi pear tree planted in August is doing very well

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