Wednesday, December 7, 2016

people have been building with Cob since the dawn of time

Cob is an ancient building material with three simple, easy to come by ingredients, Cob is super strong, entirely natural and chemical free and best of all Cob is a lot of fun to make.

Clay, sand and straw (or cow manure) are all you need.
Although some soil types have the perfect ratio of sand to clay (about 3 to 1) most sites will need some clay added to the soil for bonding to occur.

Sand that is too fine will not stay together so a coarser sand is better than a fine one.

Straw provides the tensile strength of Cob and can be used straight from the bail for packing out but a finer chopped straw is best for finishing work like the final coatings on walls and floors.

Did I mention that Cob is fun to make?

Although there are different methods for making Cob, my preferred way is to stomp it by foot!
What better way for people to come together on a natural building project than to get their shoes off and get down and dirty.

Making Cob is a full body workout and because it takes more than one person to make it is also a great way to improve our interaction skills as human beings, something which is lacking in our increasingly technology based interactions.

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