Tuesday, February 9, 2016

how to solve Water drainage issues

A force that won't be controlled... but we can divert it.

My recent job in Kings Langley had me doing just that and in order to find a way to solve the problems poor drainage can cause and also the subsequent damage, I have to come up with some pretty lateral ideas.

So let's look at the symptoms:

* 2 drains taking all of the water from the road and the house next door,
* An ag pipe in the front lawn,
* 2 downpipes, 1 from the carport and the other from the house,
* Another ag pipe near the front door.

All of the points listed are fine by themselves but when you combine the water from them all and concentrate it into one stormwater pipe the results are pretty obvious.

The house and garage actually flood every time there is a heavy downpour or sustained rainy periods; In Sydney this sort of weather seems to be getting more unpredictable and frequent so... let's look at a  solution.

First I started digging carefully until I had uncovered the main feed from the drain that was taking most of the water.

The idea is to install a pit with a sump pump to take the water elsewhere before it can block up the stormwater and back the water up into the house which is set level with the ground (very bad design!)

I had already cut a drain in the concrete near the front door and installed an ag pipe previously and this helped keep the water from going into the house but water was getting through the bricks at the base of the house so I applied a weather seal paint to the first course of bricks and where they join the slab.

After a lot of digging I cut the pipe and installed my pit.

After back filling around the pit I dropped the pump in which has a float switch so when the water fills the pit, the pump kicks in and the water is automatically sucked out to a garden bed, when the water level in the pit goes down, the pump automatically switches off.

I did a test run and it worked perfectly, the finishing touch is some heavy duty flyscreen to keep the soil and pebbles out and then a steel grate so it can be walked on.

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