Sunday, February 28, 2016

unusual shelving ideas

I can install all types of manufactured shelves from Ikea to Bunnings products but when I was asked to make shelves out of a couple of skateboards I was up for the challenge.

After cutting my brackets to the right lengths to follow the contours of the boards I drilled holes and attached the brackets with counter sunk bolts.

After installing all four brackets on the two skateboards it was time to go upstairs and put them on the wall.

I marked where the shelves would go on the wall and then started to attach them with plasterboard wall plugs (each plug is rated for 15KGS).

The skateboards look great hanging on the wall and I have made another interesting addition to my services.

Vintage suitcases also look great as shelves, bathroom cabinets, dollhouses and side tables, in fact their re-uses are only limited by your imagination.

With some modifications these old classics can really make a bare wall or unused corner come alive!

I purchase rustic suitcases with character from antique dealers and restore them to a state of arrested decay...


...Then I cut them up and mount them on frames so that they can be attached easily to a plasterboard or brick wall.

If I am making a side table I find or make frames to mount the case on.

Of course this is not my original idea but I enjoy making them and they look absolutely fantastic.

So if you are looking for something a little bit different and original give me a call and I can make you a custom piece.

If you need installation, I can do that too!

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