Thursday, October 8, 2015

Industrial style office makeover

Anything old and rustic looking or industrial seems to be the trend in this world of throw away plastic furniture and appliances that are engineered to fail just after the warranty runs out.

I have been experimenting with corrugated iron, re-purposed wooden pallets, put logs which were used for scaffolding planks on the Harbour Bridge maintenance back in the day and vintage luggage too.

My latest project also involves the use of a paint which makes things rust and this will look great as a feature wall.

I made this table top from the Oregon put logs to replace the more modern one and re-used the steel frame base, I added some hooping iron which I painted black and the effect is very rustic!

Next I made a cupboard form scraps of ply and a bit of old semi rusted corrugated iron salvaged from a previous job and more of the re-cycled harbour bridge put logs.

After applying the rust paint to the feature wall, I hung the cupboard and the effect is amazing.

here is another project using re purposed corrugated iron, stair treads and fence palings

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