Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Earthship Academy

I attended the Earthship Biotecture academy in 2014, below are some pictures of that amazing time

Stop sign at the entrance to the Greater World Community (Earthship headquarters).

A view of the Rio grande from the bridge on the way to Taos

The desert skies never failed to amaze


Me learning first hand about the grey water planter construction

The wonderful worm box processing all the black water direct from the kitchen sink... no smell whatsoever.

Mike agreed to look over my plans ...

Me meeting with Mike in his "office"

REACH community

Americans have this idea that all we drink down under is Fosters! I haven't seen a can of Fosters since the 90's but couldn't resist posing for a shot when we discovered a couple of dozen empty cans in an abandoned Eathship build at STAR.

This Eathship was carved out of a rock cliff and it was full of interesting features and art work

Plumbing class with Lou

Captain Mike holding court with his favourite beverage. (Margarita)

What an unforgettable time it was, Just after returning from Taos I continued my own Earthship adventure.

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