Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cat run

These days many cat owners choose to keep their cat indoors for varying reasons and cat runs are a  great way to let them outside without the risk of them fighting with neighbourhood cats, killing wildlife or getting run over.

The only limit to the construction of a custom cat run is imagination!

Features like raised platforms, bridges, pet enclosures, tunnels and anything else you might want to incorporate into a basic design can be implemented to make your one of a kind cat run the most interesting for your fun loving cat.

Cat's are inquisitive and playful by nature and allowing them to be outside but safe may contribute to their overall happiness and wellbeing.

From the most basic design on a budget to a full blown maze with differing levels and challenges for your cat, Assured Handyman can do it all.

Our unique stand alone framework system combines maximum flexibility with minimal cost so that you can customize the run without blowing your budget.

Call Assured Handyman today and get your cat run project off the ground.

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