Tuesday, December 30, 2014

November Earthship building Workshop Part IV

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Bozwell and Tommy Dee size up the keystone

The third and final week saw lot's of innovation and experimentation, the retaining wall for the berm was getting bigger, we used a bus tyre as a kind of a key stone to tie everything together at the flag wall junction and we used lots of hooping iron to tie our plating down onto the tyre courses below.

Plywood backing blocks for extra strength

For the first time (that I know of) we put thick plywood blocks inside the tyres before pounding and then we used 75mm bugle head screws to fix a hardwood plate to the outside of the tyres to make a really strong backing for book shelves or whatever you would want to hang on a wall.

These structures also worked extremely well for attaching the hooping iron to as well.

Plating attached to the tyres screwed through the backing blocks

Many hands make light work

Ben and Sean worked on the greenhouse framing with a steady turnover of willing students plus a core group of people who were keen to learn about carpentry.

We sourced a load of used windows from the local tip shop along with a glass door with jamb and operable window in the top for less than $250.00 what a bargain!!

An assortment of windows to be re- used in the building

Damon helping to install one of the re-purposed windows

With all the plating on top of the tyre walls done and the bottle wall finally started it was time for the rain to fall.. and fall it did!

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