Saturday, December 27, 2014

November Earthship building Workshop Part III

Click here to see Part I, Part II

Campbell (Cob) Imray kept us entertained with numerous cob-etitions

Cob stomping, tyre pounding, dirt moving,.. It was all happening for the start of week two with some reasonable weather and plenty of enthusiasm from everyone.

the cob line

We said good bye to Gillian and Hal who had been helping out for the first week providing freshly baked bread, showers and even a baby sitting service, it seems we were spoiled to have them around but now we have to fend for ourselves!!

Bush poles harvested from the property to be used as roof joists "like the old blokes used to do"

Erik and Lisa from Hobart came to help and they had cut down around a dozen tree's before they would entertain the idea of sitting down for a cup of tea and Erik's skills were invaluable for the style of the building we were creating with green bush poles for rafters at the back section instead of milled timber... the Earthship was coming together.

So... I'ts tools down for a cold beer, camp fire and beautiful meal compliments of Sian our resident cook to end the last day for week two of our project...

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