Thursday, December 25, 2014

November Earth ship building workshop Part II

Click here to see Part I

The Earthship is "exploding out of the ground" as Mr Reynolds would say and people are learning and having a great time to boot.

Week one saw around 300 tyres pounded and about 120 tonnes of dirt moved all by hand, the thermal wrap went up with the berm and tyre courses and there was much drumming, drinking, singing and the occasional funny cigarette passed around the campfire which burned the whole three weeks despite some rain.

I have been repeatedly amazed by peoples willingness to help and their overwhelming positive attitude and good humour. This is where I want to be with these people.

Some lessons learned so far...
Next time I would try to use all the same size tyres for the whole building as we repeatedly were having to adjust, re do and compensate for gaps mainly at the corners and flag wall junctions which meant lot's of "squishy tyres" and not enough of an over lap between courses.

We used 11 litre buckets on this build  and some people were still struggling to lift them when they were full of dirt so I would not be using the Earthship standard 20 litre bucket on a build.

We put the camp kitchen just behind the building so that when it came to berming up around the tyre walls we were rapidly losing precious space for the kitchen and shelter from the rain so we built a second tyre retaining wall around the back of the building to contain the berm, I suppose we saved quite a lot of dirt doing it this way but it meant an extra couple of hundred tyres to pound.

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