Thursday, December 25, 2014

Earthship Workshop November 2014 overview Part I

One of many tyre harvesting missions from far and wide

What an amazing bunch of people we had on the build! The progress we made went beyond my expectations thank's to Dani and the crew from Agari who went out of their way to ensure that everyone learnt about Natural building and lots of other related topics.

The purpose of these workshops is two fold:  Students provide labour in exchange for knowledge.
From my own experience I have been involved on both sides now and I have to say that I don't think there is a better way to build a house than this.

A few of us went down to the site a week early to set up the camp kitchen, showers and composting toilets.

camp kitchen under construction
Re-purposed pallets were used in the building of all three and, just like tyres, you can pick them up all over for free.

Safety first! a couple of milk crates for a makeshift ladder and one of the camp showers is almost complete

We managed to get about 20 tonnes of dirt delivered just before the Workshop was due to start but we would need about ten times that amount before the finish and one of the problems we had to work with was the sporadic and sometimes non existent deliveries.

Camp kitchen mark II tarpology 101 compliments of  the Boz man.

So after our preparations for the three week hit we had time to sit around the camp fire and reflect upon and discuss (with the help of some green ginger wine) the proposed building design and if there might be any  changes...

...And what changes didn't we make!!?
Over the coming week we must have changed everything from the direction of the slope of the roof to the position of the bathroom and everything else in between!
I have to admit here that I was mostly to blame but in the end we came up with a much better design and I think we all enjoyed the freedom of being able to throw away the plans and just concentrate on building something that would perform using the Earthship principles of Thermal solar heating and cooling, water catchment, grey water recycling, using re-purposed and natural materials and solar/wind power generation.

So... it's day one of the three week workshop and after some introductions, 37 very keen people from all over the world and close by are about to be given (for most) their first tyre pounding lesson.
My young bloke Sage pounding his first tyre and doing a great job

Tommy Dee, a veteran tyre pounder extrordinaire shows how it is done

Part II coming soon...

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