Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tasmanian Earthship PART III

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So... Wishing to begin in a more collected state we move on.

The tyres used for the first two courses with a double layer of Builders plastic under the first course were 215's R60 upwards and then subsequent courses are 205's up to the second floor.

blue metal for the drainage

Having cleaned out three different tyre suppliers I was starting to realize that being selective of the sizes might mean waiting for more stocks from time to time but this seemed better than just getting a couple hundred different sized tyres dumped at the site so I decided to make some cob while waiting for more tyres.

tyre harvesting at the local servo

My young bloke making Cob


Mixing soil, clay and straw together by stomping it all together on a tarpaulin is called Cob.
Generally the mix is one part straw to one part clay slip and three parts course sand.

The Cob is used to fill the voids under the pounded tyres so the cardboard inside doesn't break through and spill all the material out.
 cans and bottles are used as fill and the cob will also be used to pack out the tyre walls to a level finish and for the floors.
I aim to use zero cement on this project so Cob will replace internal and external walls too.

Cob and a can in the tyre void
Having sourced more tyres I also needed cardboard for the second course so I went to the local grog shop and got a heap of discarded wine boxes (perfect size and shape for putting into the sidewalls of the tyres) and I also threw in a couple of milk crates for good measure!

 No building site in Australia is complete unless at least three milk crates are used in some capacity.

Trusty old van

Wine boxes a perfect fit
As the walls started to rise the building was starting to look like something and it was time to start back filling.

Material for back filling behind the tyre wall

Simultaneously with the back filling the rigid foam insulation goes up.
Rigid insulation behind tyres

Almost time to fly back home to Sydney to earn some more money to continue the project but before we go I want to bring the pipe from the rain water tank through my tyre wall.

So... after pounding a couple more tyres it was time to leave.
Thank you to every one who has helped with this project and a special thank you to my lovely Wife who supports my crazy idea's without question.
To finish this chapter I have added some pictures of some other goings on around the campsite which at first glance may not look like being related to the creation of an Earthship but which in fact could not be without it.

To be continued...

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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