Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tyre pounding with Mike

Tyre pounding is hard HARD WORK!

After I pounded my third tyre in Guatemala I started thinking... couldn't we just use bricks?
Feeling a little disenchanted with the whole "let's recycle 600 car tyres" idea I suddenly found myself standing next to Mr Mike Reynolds and he was... you guessed it! pounding a tyre. Racking my brains to come up with something nonchalant to say to the Man, I  heard myself proclaim "I can't believe your'e still doing this shit". to which he replied "I don't wanna do anything else, this is all I wanna do".

Well! what could I say to that!? So I picked up a sledgehammer and continued pounding with my Faith restored.

I seem to have invented a device since that fateful day that might pound tyres a lot quicker and easier than the sledgehammer method, I have yet to do proper tests but all early results look favorable, oh and the machine is easy to make and run so, if successful could be available to the masses... stay tuned for results.

New entry: 5/05/2014
Alas, the tire pounding machine was unsuccessful when compared with a human wielding a sledgehammer! 

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