Friday, April 4, 2014

Tyre pounding machine trial

Pounding tyres is really hard work and it takes a lot of people to make steady progress so I started thinking about mechanical advantage and what machines could be used to make the work quicker and easier.

Presenting the Recipro-Rammer!

Reciprocating saw with custom mallet attachment for tyre pounding
I have invented three different attachments for testing in the field this April (2014), if successful, I will be posting videos and pictures on how to make these attachments or they can be supplied by me.
I aim to run three of these machines off of my 2 KW petrol generator but a cordless version could also work.
Stay tuned!...

WELL! After testing the different machines and attachments I have to conclude that it is actually more efficient pounding tyres the old fashioned way than using recipro-rammers.

It seems that even though the strokes are much more rapid with the machine it lacks the force needed to compact that material into the sidewalls of the tyres.

Most of the dirt was actually being vibrated out of the sidewalls as I went around with the machine.

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