Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rocket stove oven build

Rocket mass heaters/stoves are incredibly fuel efficient in that they use very little wood and can store the heat for a long time.

Insulating the burn chamber against heat loss is a key aspect of these simple heaters.

I designed two chambers to go onto my brick Rocket mass heater, the first one is an oven and the second is a water heater.

Luke the Welder Extraordinaire fabricating the oven
 Not being good at welding, I enlisted the help of my Mate Luke to stitch the components together and as usual he did a fantastic job! Cheers Burundi.

The finished oven ready for testing

We recycled a couple of unwanted (empty) beer kegs for the oven and water heater along with some scrap stainless steel Luke and I had lying around.

The oven part of this set up is basically two concentric cylinders with a hole top and bottom on the outside cylinder to act as a chimney and some flat steel welded on the outside like a big ring to stop any smoke etc from going into the inner chamber which is the actual oven.

The heat from the brick chimney travels up into the hole and around in between the two cylinders and continues out the top hole which in turn is connected to the water heater... in order to understand the mechanics of the water heater we made, here is a link which explains it very well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oDpmmsqHwQ

To be continued...


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