Sunday, December 1, 2013

Picture and mirror hanging

When it comes to hanging things on walls we can provide the attention to detail that makes the difference between something well hung or simply sticking things everywhere just because you don't particularly like the colour of your walls!

From mirrors to flat screens to paintings and framed photo's, we hang them all!

A variety of different wall plugs and fastening systems are always on board and even the most exotic article can be suspended with a minimum of fuss and the right hardware for the application.

Having a certificate in advanced Rigging and years of experience in the entertainment industry plus countless jobs with interior designers,We can hang all types of decorative artwork and anything else you can think of to suspend from your walls ,ceiling, or whatever.

whether you are after a cluster of small to medium pictures perfectly symmetrically installed or something a bit more organic or even that gigantic mirror which weighs a tonne! We have lasers, levels and measures to do the job.

Understanding the different types of hardware and the loading for specific applications is crucial when it comes to things which may be supported above head height especially when traffic is present underneath.

That is why we take every precaution to ensure peace of mind when hanging anything because when we rig something it stays there!

So whether it's a chandelier, decorative iron balls, Christmas decorations, paintings, pictures or anything you want to go up, we can certainly help.

Servicing North Western Sydney

Picture perfect:  0402 595 332

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