Thursday, April 11, 2013

small concrete slabs

Small concrete pads can be used for a variety of things from pool pump supports to gas bottle footings.

Recently I made a couple of small concrete slabs in The Ponds in Sydney, one for a letterbox and the other to fill a meter square gap in the path where they had removed a section of concrete to run the gas line and install the meter

I made the letterbox slab by digging a hole about 300mm deep and making a small box frame that could sit in the hole so that the top of the wood was level with the ground surface.

Next I mixed two bags of concrete, (sand, cement & aggregate) with some water, but not too much... just the consistency of porridge.

After pouring the concrete mixture into the hole I inserted the bolt that would attach the base of the letterbox to the slab.

My path section was ready to go now with the form work and re mesh in place and I set to work mixing another half dozen or so bags of concrete.

After filling in the missing path with the concrete, I smoothed the surface over with my float and smoothed the edges for a clean finish.

Adding too much water to cement as it is being mixed can cause it not to set properly but sprinkling water onto the surface as it cures for the first couple of days is the best way to ensure a strong, crack free slab.

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