Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cladding repair

Cypress pine is somehow immune to termite attack so when I had to source some vertical cladding for this job in Carlingford, I found the right profile in cypress which meant that my client could rest assured that the wood wouldn't be a termite's dinner or embedded with toxic chemicals!

The cladding had some dry rot caused by a facia board that had deteriorated and allowed water to penetrate into the wood, so about 10 linear meters of the cladding plus the facia board had to be replaced before any more rotting could occur.

Not a pretty sight and not much protection for the house either!

After removing the rotten cladding I had a chance to inspect the structural timber beneath (shown above).
The surface was soft from water damage but over all the timber was sound so I took the opportunity to apply a new product I wanted to try called Earls Wood Hardener.

The wood hardener did the trick beautifully! (another quality product from Earls), so I proceeded to cut my new cypress pine cladding to length and glue and nail it in place.

After cutting the new facia board to length and installing it, all that was needed was a fresh coat of paint.

A quick trip to the local paint shop with an old length of cladding for a colour match and I soon had four litres of exterior paint to touch up what I had replaced with enough paint left over to re-paint all of the remaining cladding if needed.

 After checking the remaining cladding on the rest of the house, I found it to be sound so I was on my way to the next job!

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