Sunday, December 2, 2012

picture, painting, mirror hanging

When it comes to hanging pictures, mirrors, framed photo's or anything else you can think to hang on a wall there are a variety of different methods for a variety of situations.

As with every job around the home, having the right equipment  is relative to the outcome

The above photo is the wall plug section in a local hardware store, having so many fixings can be daunting for the would be decorator but I will try to break it down for you.

First let's look at the different kinds of walls and the proper fixings for each application:

Brick walls require a hammer drill, wall plugs and screws,  incidentally I have seen all kinds of things used to hold a nail in a wall including chewing gum, toilet paper and even toothpaste!

For gyprock or (plaster board) walls there are different plugs depending on the weight of the object to be hung and if you aren't too particular about the exact location of the picture etc then finding a stud inside the wall is easy with a good quality stud finder, (the best option for hanging heavy things).

For the lightest objects a range of double sided tapes is available but cleaning the wall and the object with metholated spirits or acetone first is essential for maximum adhesion.

I did a job in Cherrybrook recently where my client had a template which came with some picture frames, the template is stuck on the wall and arranged for different configurations and then the wall is marked with a pencil through the paper exactly where the hooks need to be, I saved so much time using this method that I was able to do some extra repairs for her as well!

When it comes to hanging things on walls I carry an array of different plugs, screws, hooks, nails, brackets and tapes so when I come to you, I am ready to do the job on the spot!

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