Saturday, December 8, 2012

Flat pack furniture assembly service

Flatpack assembly can lead to frustration, annoyance, stress and I even heard of one case of divorce directly related to a flatpack incident!

Experience and patience are a must if you want to navigate your way through the challenges of the flat pack world.

A working knowledge of the different cams, screws and doweling systems employed in the flat pack furniture  manufacturing process is a definite asset when it comes to the furniture assembly stage.

Having worked for a period of 12 Months in the furniture manufacturing industry, I picked up some time saving techniques for assembly.

An area with enough space to work comfortably is another must and of course the right tools will always make the job easier and quicker.

Understanding the instructions is another matter but even the sometimes cryptic diagrams can be easily read with some experience.

So if you think you might be pulling your hair out trying to put the stuff together, give me a call and I'll be round to assemble your desk, bed, hutch or whatever.

Servicing North Western Sydney,Assured Handyman 0402 595 332

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