Sunday, October 7, 2012

High pressure cleaning

Sydney's weather can be very humid and when we have days and days of rain, the garden path, driveway, deck or sandstone paving can become treacherous so it is a good idea to have these surfaces pressure cleaned at least once a year.

When it is done properly, pressure cleaning is like colouring in with sweeping motions from side to side varying the speed for dirtier surfaces.

Using a Gerni to clean the walls of your house can add years to the life of the surfacing and make the house look like brand new!

Giving flaking paint a blast instead of sanding in preparation for painting can also be done with a good quality high pressure cleaner.

High pressure water cleaners use only a quarter of the water a garden hose would for the same application because the water is under pressure so it makes sense to pressure clean your paved areas instead of hosing them down.

There are as many pressure cleaners on the market as there are uses for them and the price generally reflects the quality so if you are thinking of buying one, make sure you choose the model/brand that's right for your intended application.

I use Gerni because I have found it to be the best mid-priced machine with the features and durability I need to to a good job again and again.

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