Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eco screen plastic lattice makeover

Eco screen is a great product which won't rust, rot, fade or attract termites.

I prefer to use it for screening fences, verandas and patios instead of treated pine because the Eco screen is more durable and won't fall apart after a couple of months as the pine lattice has a tendency to do.

In this application, I used 4 panels of 2400mm x 1200 mm red/brown Eco screen to enhance the view from a kitchen window.

After removing the long standing grape vine, I set to work making up some timber framework to attach the lattice to. I used 70 x 35 mm treated pine battens painted a lovely shade of good old Mission Brown.

All it needs now is a creeper or some hanging baskets and the makeover will be complete!

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