Saturday, May 12, 2012

Heating and cooling

One job in Pymble recently had me removing an old air conditioner and patching holes from a disused slow combustion heater.

The flue from the heater went all the way up through the ceiling on the ground floor, the floor on the second level and then the ceiling again to the roof.

After marking and cutting my template for the circles I got to work installing timbers between the joists and rafters so that I would have something to fix my circles to.

I used two different thicknesses of ply to fill the holes, the thicker one for the floor boards and the thinner for the plaster ceilings.

After gluing and screwing the ply circles to the supports I used some Earls Powder Putty to smooth over the surface.

The refrigerated air conditioner was about a foot (300mm) off the floor in the upstairs hallway, probably not the most efficient place for it!

After puzzling over how this particular unit was fixed to the studs in the wall I finally found some nails and promptly removed them.

After carrying the monster downstairs (with the help of my 16 year old daughter Jessica who came to visit from Perth for the holidays), I set to work bricking up the hole.

Next I installed some pine battens to fix my gyprock to for the inside.

After screwing the gryprock to the new battens, I applied a skim coat for a smooth finish.
After a bit of tidying up we were away for the day...

A couple of days later I was back to render the outside of the bricks and sand and paint the patched holes from the heater.

A circle of spare carpet and a bit of painting later and you would never know there were ever any holes.

Thanks for these pictures and all of your help Jess... I couldn't have done it without you!  

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