Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cat platforms

Rescuing and housing stray or abandoned animals is a challenging way to spend your free time.

I was lucky enough to meet a couple of Sisters from Epping who do just that and apart from the valuable service they are providing, they also enjoy the experience.

After meeting with them and discussing what their needs were, I was happy to provide a quote and even happier to get the job.

A previously constructed cattery existing in the backyard was big enough for half a dozen cats but they didn't have much of a view.. what to do?

How about some shelves specially cut so that the felines could jump up from one level to the top and enjoy some time in the sun underneath the next door neighbour's passion fruit vine?


I used 9mm marine grade ply to create the platforms cutting the rounded edges with my jig saw and applying a coat of sealer as protection against the rain.

Galvanised brackets with treated pine dowel for extra support attach the ply to the posts and roof and my cat shelves are ready for use.


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