Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drainage problems

This drain at the bottom of my clients driveway in Roseville was blocking up with leaves and overflowing into the garage in heavy downpours so they needed a simple solution which didn't include calling a plumber everytime it overflowed.

I hired a concrete saw and made a series of cuts from the original drainage pipe to the edge of the slab to make a channel which would work when the water started backing up.

When I chiselled out the slices of concrete I had to make sure there was enough of a fall to get rid of the water so in order to have a nice finish I went as deep as I could so that I could make the slope with some acrylic render.

Getting the right amount of fall was the tricky bit but with some render, an acurate spirit level and a good amount of patience I managed to make a drain that looked good and worked as it should.

A couple of days later I was back to put some sealer on the render and run some water into the drain to make sure it was functioning properly.


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