Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wheelchair access

I like concreting jobs like render repairs,fixing concrete cancer and making things that require some formwork, I'm not sure why, I think because it can be a challenge to have the end result look like there was never any work done at all.

A ramp existed here but was not suitable for wheelchair access

This particular job  in Ryde was to level some concrete pathways and make some small ramps to allow wheelchair access.
The site was an old school, now a Government department of some kind.

Here, the change in level was very small so I removed the first layer of pavers to give the ramp some bulk and strength.

This path only had a change in level of about 10mm so I used a floor leveller instead of the Highbuild.

I used two different products to achieve the right result in both situations. For the ramps, I formed up the sides with some Plyboard and MDF I had left over from previous jobs, I then applied a liberal amount of Bondcrete to the existing concrete path and quickly mixed up a couple of bags of Sika highbuild.
I used the Sika highbuild because the aggregate in the mix is very small and my ramps were not very high, so I could have the strength needed and a nice smooth finish.

After forming the ramps and floating the concrete my work was done for the day.
I returned the following day to remove the formwork and clean up.

I have already been called back to build another ramp and fill in a pot hole, but that's another story...

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