Sunday, July 17, 2011

Timber decking

This deck in West Ryde was in need of repairs and the original job was to replace the pine decking with hardwood, but as soon as I started pulling off the old boards, I could see another problem which urgently needed to be rectified.

The ends of the joists were rotten and the bearers were in even worse condition and as you can see from this photo, they were not going to be holding up the decking for much longer!

I needed to replace everything to do the job right.
There was just one small problem...

This condenser unit for my clients reverse cycle air conditioning was sitting on top of the deck.
Just slide the new battens under it, I hear you say... not as easy as all that. 

As you can see, there was a 7 foot deep pit under the decking and the only way to replace the deck was 
to remove the condenser unit which meant getting someone qualified to disconnect it properly. 

While the refrigeration mechanic was being organised, I called in to the local timber yard and ordered some 90 x 90mm treated pine timber for the new joists and bearers.

The fridgie was booked in for the following week to remove the unit and I was off to do some work at another house around the corner.

Next week arrived sooner than expected and after the fridgie had done his thing, I set to work removing the old rotten timbers...

...And installing the new ones, (I coated the joists with a bitumen paint for extra protection against rotting). Incidentally I found 4 clothes pegs, a smal toy car and a basketball down the hole... not sure how the basketball got down there??  Anyway I had to get moving because the refrigeration mechanics were due back in a couple of hours to re-connect the unit and I still needed to put the new hard wood decking down.

With the aid of a nail gun and some fancy footwork, the new decking was down and the last thing to do was to apply a coat of decking oil.

The new deck should last for 20 years or more, I used thicker H4 treated timber for my joists and bearers, applied a coat of bitumen paint, used hardwood battens and applied a liberal coating of oil.

My client was happy and now she can rest assured when her kids are playing in their back yard!

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