Friday, July 29, 2011

Smart storage

Maximising space when you don't have a lot of it can be a bit of a puzzle, shifting things around can sometimes create the illusion of space but ultimately a new approach to storage and the ability to change it will reveal room  you never knew you had!

This garage in Ryde used to be disorganised and "cluttered" and there was barely enough room for the car let alone the old paint tins, camping chairs, ladders and other stuff that had been accumulating over the years.
Luckily for me, my client cleared it all before I arrived to solve the issue.

The idea was to install some 12mm ply shelving on one wall, leaving room for a car and two garage doors, one roller door and the other folding back against the ceiling.

I got to work with my laser leveller and marked where I would drill into the brick for the brackets.
I used knock ins to attach the brackets to the wall and then screwed on my shelves.

After adding some hooks for the ladder and camping chairs I went out to the back yard where I knew there was another job waiting for me.

This condenser unit was a bit of an eyesore and after telling me exactly what he wanted, I set to work building it.

Another satisfied customer...

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