Sunday, June 26, 2011

Window frame repair

A window that leaks every time it rains can cause major damage if it
is not repaired promptly.
In this case the cause of the leak at this house in Lane cove seemed to be from an accumulation
of issues both with the roof tiles and the window frame itself.

The first thing I noticed when I climbed my ladder to have a look at the job
was that the facia board was rotten and barely holding on so I quickly made
a new one and installed it.

While I was up on the roof installing the new facia board, I noticed some lead flashing
covering an area of tiles near the leak and after removing the flashing, I discovered
only half a tile underneath, surely part of the problem!

So with my new facia board and tile in place, I turned my attention to the
frame of the window in question.

Just above the frame were some overlapping sheets of hardie board.
I put aluminium flashing all the way along and under the bottom sheet
so that any run off from the roof would flow over the top of the window.

The next part of the waterproofing process was to put a timber frame around
the aluminium window inside and out, as the old frames were rotten and
in some places nonexistent.

I used Tasmanian oak bullnose and finished with a coat of smart prime as an
added protection against the elements.

The end result resolved the water leak and ended years of frustration for my
happy client.


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