Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Hills Hoist, Demise of an Australian icon.

If you were already middle-aged by the turn of the last
century, chances are you grew up with a Hills Hoist in
your backyard.

As outdoor living areas demand more innovation when
it comes to the question of space and how it would be
best used, the poor old washing line in the middle of the
yard looks a bit outdated.

Here is all that was left when I removed this one... just
a path leading nowhere and a mound of potting mix inviting
some grass to take root.

Don't worry, I installed a new folding line on the fence out
of the way, but there were other things I had to fix here so
I stopped reminiscing about the dead hoist and got to work.

This deck in the backyard was built over an old
fish pond and the homeowners were worried that there
was still water in the pond which might be the cause
of these timbers rotting.

As it turns out, this grub was the real cause of the damage
and I was very careful when removing the three pieces
of decking decimated by the little culprit.

I replaced the missing boards with some new timber and informed my client about the grubs and urged them to seek the services of the local pest control guy.

My job was finished and as I started taking my tools back to the car I couldn't help but pause in the midst of activity and spare a thought for the demise of an Australian Icon.

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