Saturday, May 21, 2011

Door hanging

This door was the entry to the side of my clients house in Chatswood and was exposed
to the weather for many years.
The door hadn't been used for a long time but the house was going on
the market so it was time to replace the door.

A makeshift home office was set up on the inside of the door and after pulling the computer desk, cables and other components out of the way,
I noticed that the skirting boards were not attached to the wall;
I added this to my repair list and carried on...
Having measured the door on my initial visit, I remembered to bring an extra piece of timber because the door was 40mm taller than the standard.
After attaching my timber to the bottom, I cut a piece of aluminium flashing
to protect the new door from the damp.
My flashing is glued and screwed in place and the door is ready to hang.

Checking out the rebates for the hinges requires a sharp chisel and
when hanging a door I always know when it's time to sharpen mine!

The old entry set works fine so I gave it a treatment with INNOX
lubricating spray and installed it in the new door.

After fixing the skirting boards near the new side door I noticed the front door
was catching on the jamb on my way out...  A few strokes of the
electric planer and this was fixed too! Sometimes having the right
tools for the job is all it takes.

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