Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wall Cavity Beehive


I was told there was a beehive in the wall of this house in Lindfield...
I was also told that the bees had been sprayed and were dead...
But what I found when I cut a hole in the wall was a bit more
than I expected!

The area where the bees had decided to make their home was
roughly a metre square and the hive took up every inch.

The first sign of the hive came when, one sunny day (about 38 degrees),
my clients came home and noticed a golden liquid dripping from
their cladding. It seemed that the honey had started melting in the hot weather.

After calling the local pest control guy who promptly came
and killed the bees, they called me to do the rest.
Leaving a hive full of honey inside your wall cavity is likely to attract all
sorts of pests:  Ants,  Birds,  Bears!!

I cut the hole in the bedroom wall, removed the hive and dead bees,
sealed up the gaps in the cladding outside where the bees had gained
access while my client was cleaning away the remainder of the honey
from inside the wall and then I patched the hole I had made.

It's not something I do every day but I like variety!

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