Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rust treatment

This railing on my client's front porch was in pretty bad shape!

The paint was peeling and there was a lot of rust, but it was still
structurally fine so instead of replacing it, I gave it a makeover.

First I used a wire brush attatchment on my trusty drill to remove
any flaky paint and surface rust.

Next I spot primed all of the areas corroded by rust with my zinc rich paint
to form a sacrificial layer between the rusted metal and the new paint I would
later apply.

After the primer was fully dry I mixed up some builders filler and filled
all of the places where the rust had eaten a chunk out of the steel.

Then it was time for another primer, this time to help the enamel top coat
to adhere to the surface, I used zinsser cover stain (an excellent product!)

Finally, after my cover stain was fully dried, I applied a nice thick coat
of oil based enamel.

This railing should last at least another five to ten years and with a regular
coat of enamel, perhaps even longer!

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