Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gates makeover

I went to look at this job in Forrestville, my clients wanted some new gates
and I noticed that the cyclone wire on the existing gates was rusted through
but the frames on the gates were only affected by surface rust and still in
very good condition.


This presented me with an opportunity to re-use the original gate frames by
adding some treated pine rails and fixing some dressed pine pickets to them.

After cutting all of the wire off with my trusty grinder, I gave the entire frame
a coat of Galmat zinc rich primer to stop the rust.

Everything is primed and ready for a couple of coats of oil based enamel.
Next I installed some timber rails to hold the pickets and then I put
in new gate on the house side of the drive.

The other side of the house also needed a gate so I made one to fit and then
their dog Ziggy would be safe and sound.



What a transformation!


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