Saturday, March 5, 2011

Solar panel maintenance

    Maintaining Your Solar Panel

  1. Inspect the solar panels on a periodic basis (frequency depends on location or the manufacturer's specifications) to remove any debris and dirt and ensure all connections are tight.
  2. Panels installed in dusty areas may require more frequent inspection.
  3. Clean the surface of a solar panel with warm water and dishwashing soap to remove any accumulation of dirt and grime.
  4. Remove any bird droppings as well since they can severely reduce the panel's energy-producing capacity.
  5. Cleaning a solar panel is not cosmetic. A panel needs to be clean for it to operate at its rated capacity.

A lot of us are taking advantage of the technology now available in solar energy, gone are the days of the rusty dilapidated panels for hot water barely holding to your roof and ceasing to work after a few short years!

I can come and clean your solar panels twice yearly(recommended) to ensure they are producing money saving electricity and performing to their optimum capabilities. While I am up there, I can check for any cracked tiles, rusted roof sheets and clogged guttering too.

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