Saturday, April 23, 2011

Installing a clothes dryer

This job takes two people and I was lucky enough to have
somebody home when I installed this clothes dryer.

Dryers come with brackets for wall mounting and easy to follow instructions.

There are different methods of installing dryers depending on the location,
how the air from the unit will be vented and which way up is best for
door clearance and ease of operation (control panel height).

Mostly, it is best to put them upside down as the control buttons
tend to be on top. Getting dizzy?

This particular job called for a duct to the outside wall of the house
to vent the air from the dryer.

I marked where the hole would have to go and started drilling a series
of holes into the brick wall.

Being an old house, the bricks were quite soft and as I pushed
through past the outside layer, the brick face chipped off and left
some chunks which needed repair.

I promptly rendered these gaps and with a coat of matching paint
you would never know there was any damage at all.

The recent spell of wet weather means that the new dryer is getting a thorough workout.

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