Saturday, March 26, 2011

From pool to pond

A friend of mine has converted his seldom used, high maintenance swimming pool into an eco-friendly much frequented pond and I love the idea!

What a great way to re-cycle something instead of filling it in or removing it (both costly exercises).
All of the work was done by my friend except the deck and summer house.

As you can see from the photos, raised pots give the illusion of a bed of sand at the bottom. Water-loving plants thrive in these sunken pots full of garden loam with 25mm of pebbles on top to stop the fish digging for worms.

There are many gorgeous aquatic plants to choose from that help to oxygenate the water and feed the native fish as well.

Apparently the "water has never been cleaner!"

Although water plants can be expensive, some councils offer plants and fish as an incentive for these types of conversions. Ask your local council if you are interested.

Of course if you are interested, Assured Handyman can help you make it all happen!

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